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WPOS Toledo (Ohio) is a Christian radio station that supports and promotes AiG. Buddy Davis is currently advertised on the WPOS website as they are sponsoring some special programs with Buddy. For details go to the WPOS-FM website.

This morning, one of the WPOS radio personalities, Rachel Lanning, conducted a live interview with Mark Looy and me in AiG’s radio studio from 7:45 am to 8:30 am. Rachel and her husband are Charter Members of the Creation Museum. As they had decided to come to our final "Behind the Scenes" program of the year, WPOS organized to do a live program from the Creation Museum. Mark Looy was interviewed about the Museum, and then Rachel, assisted by Mark Siffer and Bruce Price back in the WPOS studios, asked me questions listeners had emailed in to the station.

Mark Siffer also asked me about evolution and racism, particularly as Toledo was on the news recently because of the violence resulting from a neo-Nazi group that conducted a demonstration in a suburban area. These demonstrators were in uniforms with swastikas, etc. I was able to answer Mark’s questions by talking about the fact that there is only one biological race, and that Darwinian evolution was (and is) a racist philosophy. I also directed people to our special website dealing with this issue: OneHumanRace.com

We praise the Lord for Christian radio stations that support AiG and the message of the authority of Scripture we stand for.


Today, 730 people attended our Behind the Scenes program for Creation Museum Charter Members and their guests. Many people came and stayed for the day. I had three photograph sessions where families had their photographs taken with me and one of Buddy Davis’s Dinosaurs. I also spoke three times in our special effects theatre on the topic, "We’re Taking Them Back!" This message helps people understand that the Creation Museum is being constructed to take back dinosaurs, geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and give them their rightful place in a biblical framework. People were excited with this "battle cry" to let the culture and Church know we are engaging them with the message that the Bible’s history in Genesis is true---which is why the morality and gospel message founded in this message are true.

The photograph is of some of today’s visitors talking with some of AiG’s sculptors as they prepare items for the museum.


Creation Museum to be profiled this Sunday (October 23) morning on nationwide TV.

AiG’s future Creation Museum will be prominently featured on the CBS News Sunday Morning TV program this Sunday, October 23. (Check your local CBS-TV listings for the broadcast time in your area. Also, visit the CBS website to verify the broadcast date since breaking news might preempt the program.)

CBS news reporter Rita Braver (a former White House correspondent for CBS during the Clinton administration) and a film crew visited AiG and the Creation Museum last week.

Her story on the museum and the "evolution wars" around America will appear on the Charles Osgood-hosted program CBS News Sunday Morning. It will be the "cover story" for the 90-minute broadcast, and thus should be aired during the first 15 minutes of this award-winning news program.

Please note that the program date is subject to change if major news happens to break. Because this broadcast may be airing as you are planning to head off for church, consider taping it to watch later.

We are very thankful for the many recent opportunities to proclaim the creation/gospel message through secular media outlets, including a major recent article in the Washington Post (see Breaking News Items).


Today was a loooong day---but very rewarding. I heard so many testimonies from our special visitors as they lined up to have their photographs taken. For instance, after the photo shoot, one lady said, "I was saved because of the creation ministry---now I’m training my children in this message." Please pray for the fund-raising banquet at the Creation Museum on Saturday evening.

I need to spend most of Saturday editing the next 45 radio programs Mark Looy and I will record on Monday.

Thanks for your prayers,


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