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AiG was highlighted in a nationwide TV broadcast earlier today on the prestigious news program CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. The focus of the story was on Intelligent Design in the USA. (I was interviewed for this story a few days ago.) They showed some great shots of the Creation Museum and included statements from me at the beginning and at the end. A link to AiG's website was included in the report. We've already received very positive feedback from people who saw this news program---it came across very well.

Here is the link to the transcript of the report: "'Design' Vs. Darwin". We have some significant secular media (both TV and newspaper/magazine) coming up before Christmas. Please be in prayer about these.


Tomorrow (Monday) morning, Mark Looy and myself record the 66th volume of the Answers radio program. We record forty-five 90-second programs for each volume. We praise the Lord for the phenomenal responses we have received to this radio outreach.

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