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After my talk on creation evangelism tonight, I had many people make comments, give testimonies, etc. Two of these testimonies really stood out and I thought I should share them with you.

A young man who is going to go into missions (he’s waiting for his wife to finish school) has been using creation evangelism to reach an atheist Chinese student at the local university. This young man read the The New Answers Book 1 a few years ago. He read other creation materials also. He met up with a missionary from New Tribes Mission and became very interested in their chronological approach to Bible teaching (AiG sells their materials). He has realized the importance of adding AiG apologetic material to the chronological Bible teaching to produce a powerful way of teaching the Bible.

In recent times, he has been trying to witness to a young man from China who is an atheist (and talks about Buddhism as well). As this young missionary said to me, “this Chinese student is taught evolution and atheism in America and has been brought up this way in China!” To reach him with the gospel, the young man I spoke to tonight started with an AiG-type pre-evangelism approach using creation materials, etc. As a result of this, the Chinese student said recently that he now thinks the Christian message may have something worth thinking about. He is finally becoming open to listening to the Christian message.

This young man also told me that he wants to teach other missionaries the importance of using such an approach. The New Tribes missionary who ministers to this young man is going to bring him up to see the Creation Museum in the near future.

One never knows how AiG books, DVDs, etc., are being used to influence lives.

Surfing the Web

A man and his son came up to thank me for the AiG ministry in their lives. The father used to work for a Christian radio station in New Mexico and remembers my 90-second radio spot (Answers . . . with Ken Ham) they broadcast. He said he was surfing the web and came across our site and noticed the seminar in Powell, Tennessee. He and his son came tonight. He also said that he was recently searching the web for some audio presentations to help his son with the creation/evolution issue. He had told his son he could believe in the Big Bang and say God did it. He came across a talk of mine at He said that in the talk I explained how the Big Bang teaches that the sun came before the earth, but the Bible teaches that the earth came before the sun. As he told me this, he raised his hand and hit his forehead and said, “It hit me—you can’t believe in the Big Bang and the biblical record.”

It was so great to see a father teaching his son to believe God’s Word in Genesis, and bringing him to a creation program to help him stand on the authority of God’s Word.

Agape Press

You may also be interested in this news report (that quotes me) from AgapePress: “Ken Ham: Intelligent Design Not ‘Christian’—but Not a Bad Thing Either”

Well—we get up early in the morning to catch a flight home. I’m not game to look in the mirror tomorrow (Wednesday)—I’m going to look older! Wednesday afternoon is Thursday morning Australia time—and that’s the day I turn a year older! This past year seems to have gone so fast—the older you get, the faster the years seem to go!

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