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Tonight my wife and I had planned to leave the house around 5:30 pm as we were invited out for dinner. Around 4:00 pm Mark Looy called me to say that Moody Radio wanted to interview me during their Prime Time America show (broadcast on around 300 stations across the nation) at 5:30 pm my time about an article that was headline news on CNN regarding a gorilla observed using a stone as a tool. So, as is usual when one works in this ministry, we had to delay our dinner plans. The interview went well and I pray the Lord will direct many people to our website — the interviewer also asked me about the Creation Museum.

I must admit I just sigh when I see the secular press so enthused about an item concerning a gorilla using a rock as a tool — even making it headline news! The reason they do this is because they use it to reinforce in people’s minds that evolution has to be true — man is related to apelike creatures. So the first question I was asked tonight was in regard to what I thought about the story reporting about a gorilla using a stone as a tool. I answered by saying that this is no big deal — after all, crows use sticks as tools (even modifying the tool to improve the design!) — sea otters place stones on their stomachs so that can smash clams, etc., against them to get food — the Egyptian vulture uses stones to smash open ostrich eggs — the woodpecker finch uses cactus spines (or twigs) to pry insects/grubs out of holes in trees — and the list goes on! But none of these examples get headline news because evolutionists don’t believe man evolved from a crow or a woodpecker! The public never gets to hear about all the other animals that use rocks, twigs, etc., as tools — they basically only hear about gorillas or chimps, etc., as evolutionists use such examples to try to bolster their belief the man is fairly closely related to the apes, etc.

I also talked about the great gulf that exists between man and the animals, and even though there are some similarities (bone structure, etc.) between man and apes, we have to also consider the major differences!

When an item relating to creation/evolution gets headlines in the secular press, we often find we are inundated with various media wanting interviews — of course, we try to spread these around to our other speakers/researchers if they are available. We praise the Lord that we are able to get the message of the importance of Genesis/creation out through the medium of radio. To read more about this CNN article and our repsonse, go to this article: Gorillas and Tools?

It’s Fall!

Well — you can tell it’’s “fall.” Leaves are falling off the trees by the millions! After I arrived home this morning I spent a couple of hours cleaning up our yard — then there was a big gust of wind and more leaves than were there before I started were all over the lawn! So my youngest daughter and I went riding on our favorite eight-mile bike-riding track. It really was a beautiful ride today with the many different colors of leaves on the trees during this fall season!

Thursday and Friday this week are so busy! We have special visitors, 700, attending the Behind the Scenes day on Friday; interviews, video recording, meetings, a pastors’ luncheon — the list goes on! Our family is also getting together for a birthday dinner Thursday night to celebrate my continued aging! Romans 8:22-23 comes to mind as I consider my age these days!

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