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Today was a very busy day. Buddy Davis and I conducted our special program for elementary ages this morning---then this afternoon I spoke to high school students. After that I was interviewed by a secular documentary crew that are sitting in on and filming parts of the entire seminar. Then this evening I gave two sessions of an hour each---so I feel like have been speaking all day! One of the enclosed photos is of me tonight, speaking on the importance of the book of Genesis.

While I spoke tonight, Buddy Davis conducted a workshop for children. One photograph attached shows Buddy using a rope illusion to teach the children about Adam and Eve. Another photo shows some of the children being taught how to sculpt a dinosaur.

Again, I had numerous responses---in fact so many, I just can't remember them all. One man told me he was a pastor of a United Methodist church---he said the majority of pastors in this denomination were fairly liberal, yet statistics showed the majority of members of this denomination were fairly conservative. It is great to know there are creationists like this pastor in such a denomination.

A Ph.D. scientist said he had been in academia all his life, but that what I taught were the most logical statements he had heard---it made so much sense.

The two sessions on Tuesday night will again be broadcast live on the web at:


What an encouragement it was to me today to receive this email from Australia:

"This one is for Ken. Ken you spoke at a Creation Science conference - I think it was in Beaudesert back in 1981(?). I recall a quiet time period where a friend and I went down to NSW and loaded up on Tooheys New [BEER].... But after one of your sessions I had the great pleasure in sharing with you - still with beer on my breath - and you made so much sense to me. I gave my heart to Jesus a few months later after a Leighton Ford crusade meeting - but the time you spent was the turning point for this lost life - and there have been ups and downs since then. But back on track and just wanted to say thankyou for helping change my life way back then - you were still a student in Brisbane I recall as I was at DDIAE in Toowoomba.

Anyway, God Bless you and your wonderful ministry - I do hope we meet once more in this life but know we will in eternity."


This email came in today:

"Dearest Mr. Ham and AiG, Uh-oh, do you know what you have done? You have created a monster! Even though you educate, meet, and receive email from thousands of people each week, you have blogged about something my daughter has said twice in two weeks. She was the "defend the faith" hat girl in Boise, Idaho, and in your blog about "Bring it on!" Sara, who will be 14 on Christmas Eve, has had a life-changing two weeks. She loves the Lord, and even more so now that she sees Creation in a whole new light. Her faith, and ours, is firmer than ever before. You have answered questions we didn't even know we had. You have changed our indoctrination status. Sara used to want to grow up to be an Air Force jet pilot, but now she wants to come work for you at the Creation Museum. She has already checked out your employment page. You can expect her at your door within the next five to ten years with application in hand!

Finally, I just want you to know, there are only two men Sara talks about on a consistent basis; Toby Mac, a contemporary Christian musician and artist, and you, Mr. Ham. Isn't it great to know you rank up there with a rock star to my teenager?!"

Well, I don't know about the "rock star" part---but this is what Answers in Genesis is all about. The staff, the speakers, the website, the museum … it's about seeing lives changed for God's glory and turning hearts (old and young) back to the authority of the Bible---from the very first verse.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep praying!


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