Live Webcast from Powell, TN for Three Evenings

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Live on the Web for Three Evenings

I’m in Powell, Tennessee (just north of Knoxville) for an AiG conference with Buddy Davis. I flew down Saturday afternoon—a short 30-minute flight, so that was nice. And the airport wasn’t crowded today—a pleasant change.

The church hosting this event in Powell will be broadcasting the three EVENING programs (Sun., Mon., Tues.) live over their website. For a detailed program go to the event page. The times for each session are Eastern Standard times. To listen, go to: at the appropriate time.

Great Feedback

We use your 90-second spots on two radio stations that we operate inside prisons in North Carolina. Men are being introduced to the truth through these broadcasts Do you have any longer radio programs that we can use to increase the depth of teaching? Please let me know.

A Tired but Encouraged Terry Mortenson

Terry sent this report to me about his speaking engagements this past week:


The couple that arranged for this seminar took Tom and me to Alligator Farm in St. Augustine during the day. It is the only place in the world where all 23 species of crocodilians exist and they must have about 1,000 gators there, including two albinos. We got to watch them feed them and surprisingly didn’t get any evolutionary propaganda.

In the evening I spoke on Darwin’s theory and then on human evolution. I was a little nervous about the second one because Joel, the Harvard PhD anthropologist whom I mentioned in my previous email was sitting in the front row again. Afterwards he came up and asked me if we could go out for supper. I quickly learned that he is the oldest and unmarried son of one of the first men to join the staff of Campus Crusade way back in the early 1950s (and his dad is still on CCC staff). Joel has been on archeological digs in various places in the US and in Israel (where he also learned Hebrew) and personally knows some of the big name paleoanthropologists. He got tired of that kind of work about six years ago and went to work with a major sea-shipping company, rising to the level of V.P. To my relief and encouragement, he didn’t criticize anything significant in my talks. He had told me the first night that he was a doubting Darwinist. This night he indicated that he was beginning to realize that the dating methods were probably not right either, though he is still inclined to believe in millions of years (leaning toward a gap theory view of sorts), mainly because he can’t imagine how the Flood could have laid down all those sediments and why if they did we don’t find at least one human or modern mammals fossilized in the strata that contain dinosaurs. We had a great conversation that continued on into the night. I encouraged him to talk with more people who understand the Young Earth Creationist perspective.


In the morning I spoke to 75 lively Kindergarten to 6th grade kids at the Christian school run by the church. That seemed to go well and they asked questions for about 20 minutes afterwards. Art Linkletter was right when he said, “kids say the darnedest things.” In explaining to the kids about fossils during my talk I had used a sequence of slides about “Earl the cat” dying and being placed in the yard so we could watch a fossil form. But instead I showed that he would be eaten away by flies and ants and scavenger animals. The pictures showed that the carcass would become increasingly stinky as the process of decay continued. In the Q&A time at least three kids asked me “Why did the cat become stinky?” They were really obsessed about that! But there were lots of other good questions.

In the afternoon, I visited the home of a creationist who does local speaking and is also on the Florida State Committee for high school science textbook selection. He showed me a number of texts and where they are promoting evolution with arguments and pictures long proven to be false. He also gave me well over $1,000 worth of texts (which the publishers had given him as a committee member) for the AiG library.

In the evening I spoke on dinosaurs and the Big Bang. Joel was there again and told me afterwards that he had enjoyed all five talks he heard and that I had given him a number of things to think about. I have since emailed him links to some articles and videos to buy and gave him the contact information I had promised him. He told me he also was looking forward to attending the monthly meetings of the local creation group in Jacksonville and he said he would keep in touch. I invited him to visit the museum.

Jason, one of the deaf people who were there for all my lectures came to ask me a couple of more questions. It seems that God was moving him along in his understanding over those three days. At least five deaf people came to all the lectures and they wanted their picture taken with me at the end.

A lady spoke to me at the end to say that she had taken her 11 year old daughter to another creation/ apologetics conference in January and struggled to understand most of the talks (except for Ken Ham’s). She came rather reluctantly on Monday night with her mother, expecting that my talks would be equally difficult to understand. You can imagine my encouragement when her mother told me that she was eager to come this second night and on her own initiative she brought a notebook to take notes.

Please pray that Joel would soon see the Biblical and scientific necessity of abandoning the millions of years and Darwinism completely and that God would bring him into the creationist movement to use his considerable training for His glory and the advance of the truth.

Pray too for Karen, my main translator for the deaf. She will be going back through my talks, which were video taped, and reinterpreting more carefully with the camera on her hands so that the church can make some good quality videos, which we hope to be able to eventually make available to the wider deaf community. Five of your talks are already being prepared for the deaf.


"Flower Power" At AiG

Our landscaper Tim is planting around 1,000 flower plants along the entrance road at the museum (see photos). It should look really nice for the fund-raising banquet next Saturday. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for stopping by!


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