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I think it’s Clint Eastwood who is famous for saying, “Go ahead, make my day!” Well, I was reminded of that tonight when a teenager came up to me after the two lectures I gave and said, “Thank you so much—you made my day!”

Another lady came and told me her husband became a Christian because of the creation ministry.

A number of young children wanted to come and greet me—asking for autographs, etc. One youngster gave me a picture of a dinosaur he had specially drawn for me.

Many just wanted to shake my hand and say how much the creation ministry meant to them. I wish you could all be here to listen to these testimonies.

I’ve attached two photos taken of the auditorium today (tonight, an overflow room was also used).


You can hear myself and Buddy Davis live on the web from Tenessee at this link: You can check out times and titles on AiG’s event calendar.


The Chicago Tribune carried an article you have to read! It’s entitled “Museums Turn to Evolution.” Secular museums are going to beef up their evolution displays to try to overcome the creationists. It’s a must-read.

I spoke four times today—tomorrow we conduct our special programs for children in the morning and junior/senior high in the afternoon—then the AiG conference at night.


A secular video documentary crew is filming various aspects of the Tennessee conference and will be interviewing me on Tuesday.

Thanks for your prayers,

Ken Ham

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