Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!

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As I wandered around AiG this morning (Monday morning) I saw boxes "everywhere"--boxes of backpacks, boxes of school supplies and boxes of toiletries and other items--all for the hurricane ravaged area of Mississippi.

When we first started our Katrina relief appeal, we had told the local church in Oceans Springs that we were working with, that we would raise funds for at least 1,000 of the 4,000 sets of school supplies needed.

Well today, we posted a notice saying the fund for the 4,000 and all the other items we hoped to provide was FULLY funded--praise the Lord for the response! I've enclosed a couple of photographs showing you some of the resources getting ready for the trip down this weekend.


Today a small group of visitors from a church in Louisiana visited the AiG complex to learn more about the Museum. I spent a few hours with these guests showing them around and helping them understand the vision of AiG. They are from a church that is housing hundreds of refugees from the hurricane and has been intimately involved in the distribution of items to needy areas. It was a real thrill to show these on fire Christians around our facility. They want to get AiG down to Baton Rouge in the near future for a big AiG conference.


Well known Lee Janzen, a pro golfer visited AiG this afternoon. He is leading a golf tournament tomorrow (Tuesday) as part of a fund raiser for the Museum. I showed him through the Creation Museum and offices and then had the opportunity to take him out to dinner with another AiG supporter and a couple of staff. Please pray for the Museum fund raiser Tuesday evening. I have included a photograph taken at the Museum today of myself, Lee Janzen and Dr. Tommy Mitchell (an Internist who speaks for AiG and is going down to Mississippi with our team to speak on Sunday morning and minister to people in other ways).


On Wednesday afternoon, a reporter and photographer are flying in to interview me for an article on the creation/evolution issue that is to appear in the Washington Post soon.

Well--my day started early and it's 9 pm and I'm still at the office with some other staff--one of the golfers for tomorrow's outing is coming in tonight for a tour of the Museum as he can't stay for the evening tomorrow. Never a dull moment at AiG.

Thanks for praying


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