No Wonder the Church is in Trouble

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The Washington Post today (Sunday) featured a guest column by a Presbyterian Pastor. Sadly, this is the state of much of the church in the USA---no wonder church leaders can’t answer questions about how to reconcile the death and devastation of Hurricane Katrina with a loving God. Without a literal Genesis, and believing in millions of years of death before sin (whatever "sin" means to these people) we are left without answers. Read the article and weep:


Yesterday I included a new item about the sculptured bookends based on John Bunyan’s tomb. Today I have enclosed a photograph of the young sculptor—Travis Wilson—who sculptured these unique items. Actually, Travis is a homeschooler who decided to delay college for a couple of years to help finish all sculptures so the Creation Museum could open in 2007. Travis has a God given talent he wants to use for the Lord.

I have also enclosed a photograph of the front of the Museum taken toward dusk.

This weekend I also wrote an article in response to a Time Magazine article about Katrina and the death and suffering issue. It will probably be on the web sometime this week.

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