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Creation/Evolution in the News

The Creation/Evolution issue continues to be covered by the secular and Christian media. A long article in the New York Times makes some interesting statements. I thought you might be interested in reading it—see link below: Politicized Scholars Put Evolution on the Defensive — NY Times

I am currently in Georgia for a seminar at a local Church. In this morning’s Athens Banner-Herald, there was an article about the local schools and the Intelligent Design movement. The article also mentioned the local Catholic schools that teach evolution etc.

I just sighed as I read the reference to the meetings I will be speaking at:

“Ham runs the ‘Answers in Genesis’ web site and the virtual Creation Museum, which includes a section about dinosaurs that says they lived at the same time as humans.”

A “VIRTUAL Creation Museum!”—that’s what I call “accurate” reporting! While we do have an online walk-through for the creation museum that is being built, it’s clear that we’re building this very exciting museum in the real world! The secular world just hate us using dinosaurs and always mock at us for believing they lived with humans.

Georgia Meetings

Today (Sunday) I speak at two morning church services, then two sessions this evening. I am then joined by Buddy Davis and Dr. Dave Menton for the Monday/Tuesday programs, which include school assemblies during the day Monday and evening meetings.

On Saturday, I flew from Cincinnati to Atlanta (and was then driven to Athens). It was remarkable: the flight left on time, it arrived in Atlanta early, and my suitcase arrived! After getting off the plane, a man and his son who were on the same flight came up and spoke to me—they recognized me from DVD’s etc. They told me how excited they were about the Creation Museum and how much the ministry of AiG meant to them. They get Creation Magazine and read all the articles.

On the drive to Athens, one of the young men who came to pick me up told me how he was having a crisis of faith because of the evolution issue at College. In his Junior year, the pastor of his church introduced him to AiG’s website—he said this was a dramatic turning point in his life. He said he read most of the articles on the site and has been an on fire creationist ever since.

Please pray for the meetings in Athens. This is a BIG University town—the University of Georgia (probably around 35,000 students) is here in Athens.

Museum/Building Update

I have enclosed two photographs. One shows the booths that are being built for the Café—the Café is being themed after Noah’s Ark/Flood—these booths will have animals in them representing those on the Ark—the Café will be an interesting place to eat! Also I have enclosed a photograph of the brick work associated with the entrance gates.


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