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Well, I arrived home at 4.30 am this (Monday) morning. Slept till 8:30 am--then went in to the office and recorded 45 radio programs (for our daily program that is aired on about 700 stations, podcast from this blog and available on iTunes). I spent the rest of the day meeting with various people.


It is great to have close friends. On Sunday, a founding board member of the AiG ministry in Australia that started in our home about 25 years ago (John) has come to spend a week with us before attending the MEGA Conference next week. We have lots to catch up on.

Dr. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell from Nashville also arrived to spend two days at the office. Dr. Mitchell has a real burden to give AiG messages in churches in his state of Tennessee and he is going to be giving those messages to our review team during the day Tuesday so we can all help him hone his talks. Tonight, Mally and I together with John, the Mitchells and the Kerby family, did one of my very favorite things to do—we went out for ice-cream at Graeters (I think this is the best ice cream in the USA!). And if you're interested, my favorite flavor is coffee!


The stone work on the gates to the Creation Museum are nearing completion (See photograph below). We have also received the metal Stegosaur dinosaurs that will be displayed on the gate structure. This is going to be a startling entrance for people as they drive into the Museum property. I can't wait until they're finished. I'll keep you updated.

museum022.jpg ALABAMA FEEDBACK

It is so encouraging when we receive feedback testifying as to how the Lord through AiG has changed people's lives. We received the following email at the office today:

"I've just returned from the AL homeschool conference where Ken spoke. I attended the MS homeschool conference last year when he spoke and could not wait to hear him again. I want to encourage you about the impact your ministry is having. When my daughter was in 1st grade (homeschool), I knew she would be asking questions I didn't have the answers to about millions of years, dinosaurs, etc., so I sought out to learn all I could so that I WOULD BE CONVINCED FIRST, and could then teach her. I was brought up by the public school system, and was not taught biblical things at home. I always WANTED to believe the 6 day creation account, because I'm a Christian, but I had no foundation in the creationist explanations of the evidence.

That's when I encountered AIG on the radio. I started reading all I could. I had the DESIRE...all I needed was the FOUNDATION. And that is your ministry, after all. You can imagine the excitement of going to hear a creationist speak. When I came home, armed with all kinds of books, DVDs, and CDs from the conference, I handed them to my husband, saying, " I AM A 6-DAY CREATIONIST", he was intrigued.

My husband is a doctor, who stands on the Word as the Authority, but he, too, had been educated in the Greek ways. Now he is one of Genesis' ardent defenders! We also believe that this way of presenting the gospel will be the key to winning his Father, who is a "Greek" in every sense of the word, to the Lord. Now my husband sneakily records programs like The Creation Network, etc. (I don't know if it is related to AIG or not), on my father-in-law's TV, so that he can spark a conversation with him that is not related to Fox News or the stock market (that's all he watches). I know that if we can get him to question all he's ever been taught (the evolution foundation), that will get him to question other areas of his life. And it is our daily prayer that he will give his life to the Lord as a result.

My daughter just finished 2nd grade. In a Wednesday night Bible class, the teacher, who is a creationist, asked the 12 first and second graders, "Does anyone know how old the earth is?" There were many different answers, ranging from 10,000 years old to millions of years old. My daughter was the only one to reply with confidence, "about 6000 years old". The teacher then said, "Correct", and went on to teach a morsel of creation vs. evolution. This foundation is only the beginning. There is not a day that goes by that we don't relate SOMETHING in our own lives or our children's lives back to Genesis 1-11.

Thank you so much for what you do. There are so many people thirsty for this message, yearning for the ability to defend God's Word ...every word of it. "

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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