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Thursday afternoon, I had a flight into Birmingham, Alabama for the annual State Home School Conference. The Home School movement is growing rapdily in the USA and I've spoken at a number of large conferences this year. I believe they have close to 2,000 registered for this conference. I have included photographs of the convention room auditorium to show you before and during shots of my 1st lecture today (Friday night).

I had many people speak to me after my sessions--this is just a sample of the types of responses:

1. A young man said he uses the arguments from our books and web site to debate his college professor every week! 2. A mother came up and said "thank you to AiG for helping me to bring up my children." 3. A 10 year old came up to me and said, "we watched your videos at church and then filled our the worksheets. There was one of the questions I wasn't sure how to answer. Can you tell me, why is it important to believe in six literal days." I was so thrilled to see such a young man so serious about understanding the Bible--and of course I gave him a detailed answer. 4. One lady told me she had a graduate degree in science, but she realized after hearing my talk that she didn't know how to answer her children's questions concerning creation , dinosaurs and so on. This lecture had greatly challenged her and will totally change the way she teaches her children. 5. One lady who was a teacher said that her daughter was indoctrinated by the public schools (all sorts of people attend these conferences by the way)--she said her 9 year old daughter would argue with me about dinosaurs because she was so brainwashed by her secular teachers. This Mum was intent on getting material and to teach her daughter.

After the last session this afternoon, I came back to the hotel for a phone conference with our board to discuss various AiG matters. Then I was taken out with other speakers by the board of the Home School movement for a special dinner evening.

img_8688_2.JPGimg_8677_1.JPG HURRICANE

At this time, a destructive hurricane is passing over Cuba and bearing down on the Gulf Coast. I'm a bit concerned because after the Home School conference I'm going to another town to speak in a large church for the day. I catch a flight at 5:30am Monday to get home and record radio programs--it's possible the track of the hurricane could bring strong winds/rain to the area I will be in by Monday morning--I'm praying I will be able to get out on my flight to get home on time.


I would like to encourage to read yesterday's lead article on the sad decision the board responsible for the Tulsa (Oklahoma) Zoo just made. Some time ago, after petitions were presented to them, they voted to allow a small display on creation in the zoo because there were other (pagan) religious idols/symbols in the Zoo. However, they have now reversed this decision because of pressure from a number of groups.

Thanks for stopping by--keep praying!


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