Missing Guests and "The British Invasion"...

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I had a special guest coming today to show through the offices and Museum, but we were called to say he ended up in hospital to have his appendix out! I usually tell people that such things happen because of sin---original sin of course!

Below are a few of the happenings at AiG that excited me today:

  • Another milestone---AiG has reached the size of organization where we decided it was time to hire our own full time Human Resources person. We welcome Charmaine (see photograph) to this important position.
  • Tim (Tim and his wife Joy came out from California to spend a number of months of the year working at the Museum) finished covering all the chairs that will be used in 'Noah's Ark Cafe' (AiG's restaurant located just off the Lobby of the Museum). The photographs of the chairs I've attached give you a bit of an idea on how the cafe is going to be themed.
  • Dr. Jason lisle (one of our staff scientists) proudly showed me a high quality telescope that was donated to AiG by one of our supporters. It's an 8 inch (referring to the diameter of the primary mirror) Schmidt-Cassegrain made by the Celestron company. It is in excellent condition. This gift included a number of filters, and eyepieces for the telescope---including a filter for sun viewing. (See the attached photograph).I know Jason is excited (as I am), as this telescope will be used for special star programs Jason will eventually run as part of the Museum teaching programs.


We sent the following notice out from AiG today: Please pray about this:

The British are coming to N. Kentucky and a "House"-hold name is to lead them The BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) will be sending a TV documentary crew-led by a member of the British House of Lords, who is also a household name in that country, to cover AiG's future Creation Museum and to have Lord Winston debate AiG president Ken Ham on WLW-700AM radio this Monday, May 16, at 10:00 am.

The BBC is producing a TV documentary (which will no doubt eventually appear on American television) about world religions. As a part of covering Christianity, the BBC will examine the growing creation/evolution controversy, with AiG's museum being a centerpiece of that coverage.

The BBC correspondent Lord Robert Winston is known throughout Britain for his pioneering achievements in medicine and as a commentator on a wide range of topics. As an evolutionist, Lord Winston will ask some tough, probing questions (according to a BBC producer) when he interviews Ken at the new AiG headquarters and museum site in Petersburg, Kentucky, and then debates him on live radio on "The Mike McConnell Show," Monday, May 16 at 10am (on WLW-700AM; its powerful signal reaches many states).

Please pray for Ken as he presents the creation/gospel message to this brilliant, but skeptical commentator and to his crew, and that the editing of the final program will be fairly done.

Well---I was going to mow the lawn (the grass grows fast this time of year) this afternoon as the Weather bureau predicted storms/rain for the next couple of days---and I have to leave for a conference early next week---but it rained today instead! I should remember to take weather forecasts allegorically!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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