Grandkids Day!

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Because of unique circumstances, I ended up having 6 weekends in a row away from home doing ministry. I was looking forward to this weekend at home and I even slept in! Of course, when I want to do yard work it rains but the grass is growing nicely!

The British are here:

Our head Exhibit Designer, Patrick Marsh, spent most of the afternoon at the Museum with the TV crew from the BBC. I am being interviewed by Lord Winston with this BBC crew Sunday afternoon.

Grandkids Day:

As I had promised a friend I would review 12 videos of a special program he was producing, I spent half of the day doing just that. Then our son Nathan and his family came over for Tea (Supper--to translate into American!). So we also spent time with our three grandchildren. Saturday night after the grandkids left, I went back to reviewing the video series. Never a dull moment!

Thanks for stopping by and as always keep praying!


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