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Our very good friends and AiG supporters from the Nashville TN area (the Mitchell Family: Tommy, Elizabeth, Mary, Ashley and Sarah) arrived to spend two days at AiG. After giving them a tour of the facility, they then helped out in the warehouse. The photograph shows the joy AiG supporters have in giving a helping hand. By the way, Tommy (who is a medical doctor) was the chairman of a very successful and well-attended AiG seminar held in Hendersonville Tennessee in 1999. Each year, Buddy and Kay Davis and Mally and I go to Nashville to spend a couple of days with the Mitchells and also attend the Grand Ole Oprey---yes I do love country music.

Contractors were working on the waterfall lobby exhibit today (see photograph)---they are still testing for leaks and making final adjustments to the rock work before it is all painted.

We hold two pastors luncheons a month at AiG---one was held today (Thursday). Two supporters fund giving all the pastors a collection of books and DVD's, and a local restaurant chain provides the fantastic food (one of my favorite meals---BBQ brisket) free! I spoke to the pastors over lunch today (see photograph).

On Friday, I am giving a Museum tour to a visiting guest (he is a pro golfer) and spending time with representatives from the BBC who are in the USA to film for an upcoming documentary. I am being interviewed by them at the Museum on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for this interview on Sunday afternoon!

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