Sunday, March 6 - Near Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Because the Waterfront auditorium for the main meeting tomorrow night (Monday) sold out (over 2,000), I was asked to speak in a couple of churches so people who couldn't get tickets for Monday could come. Both churches (this morning and tonight) were packed. The church tonight normally gets 40 (it was in the country, a good 45 minutes from Belfast). I don't know how many turned up for this little country church, but it was over 200. They were sitting on chairs down the aisle, out in the foyer—wherever there was any space. The church this morning was packed both downstairs and in the balcony.

Morning church

* This was a conservative church. People came up afterward asking about dinosaurs, starlight and time—radiometric dating—all the usual questions. It shows again that even conservative churches have no idea how to answer these questions. * One college student came up to say how thrilled he was to get books and get answers. He said all the students in his college class mock the Bible because they think science has shown it is a fairytale. He has never been able to witness to them because he didn't have answers. He showed me the books he bought. * One man told me he had never seen Genesis 5:4 before and never had an answer to Cain's wife. He was thrilled. * After the church service and lunch, I immediately went to the BBC for a radio interview for their Sunday church program. A minister interviewed me, but it wasn't really an interview—it was a 30-minute aggressive attack that was exhausting! He started the attack by saying that great Christians believe in evolution. He quoted Warfield and others, even quoting some living conservatives. He even said Calvin was an evolutionist. He talked about Babylonian myths and insisted that Jews borrowed their myths. He mocked Ussher, he mocked me for believing in six literal days and for believing dinosaurs were on the Ark, and he attacked me on many other issues. Well, I did my best to give him a run for his money. Personally, even though he carefully prepared, I don't think he was ready for someone to give answers. I was as aggressive as he was. It was like a tennis match—back and forth for 30 minutes. I was so exhausted at the end that it felt like I had just been through a two-day seminar! This program will be played next Sunday. Please pray for this.

Evening church

I found out that so many had been affected by the ministry over the years and were using our DVD's and resources. The BBC interview I did a couple of years ago on TV was still a topic of conversation. It had left a lasting impression on the church.

* One Presbyterian pastor said the talk gave him a sense of guilt, realizing he hadn't taught these answers. Many people said similar things * One couple told me that, after the seminar we did in Belfast about 11 years ago, they bought every book and video they could. They've kept up buying resources every since and have a big library in their home. They invite people over for meals and show them the room. They say their aim is to not let anyone leave the home without taking a book or video. Wow—I didn't even know they were doing this for the past 11 years, but in their own way, they have been spreading the message. * I received so many positive comments. Many expressed disappointment that they missed getting tickets to the Monday-night program. The businessman who funded this is so thrilled that he wants us back for even bigger events. He has such a burden to get this message out. I found out that he has been connected to AiG for only a year and a half. What happened was that his three-year-old daughter died. He was so distraught. He was searching the web and found our web site. It was there that he received answers to his dilemma! The resources—the answers we provided—helped him so much that he called AiG and said he wanted to hire the Waterfront (nicest and biggest auditorium in Belfast) and have Ken Ham speak. At first, we all thought it wouldn't work. None of us thought he would fill this place. But he had this vision to influence people with the right answers. The Lord has mightily blessed—it sold out! He is already working on bringing us back in the future and talking about hiring the Waterfront for several nights!!!

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