Saturday, March 5 - Astra Hall, Student Centre, at University College Dublin (Ireland's largest university with over 18,000 students)

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Here are some highlights from the three presentations given on campus:

* A group of young men (all university students) who went to the same church crowded around me with endless questions about ice cores, continental drift, starlight, tree ring dating, and on and on. They were hungry, wanting to believe the Bible but not having answers and struggling with what they were being taught. My heart went out to them. * Quite a number of children came up pleading for autographs, etc. It is so thrilling when a number of elementary students come up and say, "That was a good talk, mister." * During the breaks, one man told me that he and his father had a terrible relationship because this man was a Christian and his father was not. His father kept bringing up evolution. Well, because of our materials, his father became a Christian over a year ago and their relationship has been restored. He was so thankful for the ministry. * After my creation evangelism talk, a pastor/missionary came up and said they are going to be sending 30,000 gospel tracts to homes in Dublin. After hearing my talk, he said, "We just have to put one of your booklets/tracts in with this mailing. Please, do what you can do for us. Can we print one of your tracts—can you help us get this done?" * I hardly had any break all day. People were so hungry—question after question. They crowded around me. One lady said, "Please can you come to my hometown in Spain? We need this." Another lady said, "I need your material in Spanish. How can I get it?" Another person said, "Please, how can you come to my hometown in South America?" I was just overwhelmed—so much need and so few doing this. * I was interviewed by a reporter for a Roman Catholic newspaper. Interesting! He, of course, began to pontificate that there's no problem being a person of faith (whatever that means) believing in evolution and millions of years. So I started to talk about what Jesus said about those topics. He started to mumble a few things and then talked about Genesis being a metaphor. So I asked him if he was "a descendant of a metaphor." And I asked about the genealogies that went back from Christ through Mary to Adam. Where did the real people stop and the metaphors begin? He mumbled something about the pope saying you could believe in evolution as long as man and woman were created with souls. So I talked about Eve being made from Adam, thus being one flesh and the basis of marriage/family, as Jesus taught. I told him that by saying Adam and Eve came from animals, one destroyed the doctrine of marriage, etc. I told him the pope was wrong and he should not interpret the Bible based on man's fallible ideas. After this went on for some time, he finally said, "I'm just a humble reporter. I'm not a scientist or theologian." Well, it would be interesting to see his article. * Yesterday, the largest newspaper in Belfast called me for an interview. They are amazed that the Waterfront auditorium will be full with over 2,000 people on Monday night (March 7). * I also was interviewed by a Christian newspaper/magazine today. The reporter in Dublin said our ministry and website helped him greatly. He said he loved our ministry and that he wants to see their publication do a special series just on creation, using our material.

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