Answers in Genesis is in the Galápagos Islands!

by Joe Owen
Also available in Español

The Spanish version of Ken Ham’s radio ministry Answers with Ken Ham plays every weekday in radio stations throughout Latin America and is known as Respuestas Hoy. Starting this month, it is now being played every weekday throughout all of the Galápagos islands. What an opportunity! These 90 second teaching spots are played on a secular radio station only 5 minutes before the daily evening news.

This radio segment was used with permission of the author and copyright owner.

The fame of these islands reaches back to Darwin’s journey on the HMS Beagle in the mid 19th century where he observed the different sizes and shapes of finch beaks. Later, his observations were used as evidence to promote his ideas on the origin of all animals and man via evolutionary processes (molecules-to-man evolution). Since then, these islands off the coast of Ecuador would be known for their Darwinian association and are the destination of well over 200,000 intrigued visitors per year.1

Galápagos islands

Answers in Genesis is very honored to partner with a local ministry Radio Enfoque of Iglesia Bautista de la Fe to now fill the airwaves of these islands with true, biblical, and scientific teaching on origins without the naturalistic slant. These radio spots are designed to undo false arguments of origins and to provide real, biblical answers that show people that Genesis 1–11 gives us both the inerrant account of God for origins and the historical foundation for all Christian doctrines, whether directly or indirectly, which includes the gospel. Yes, this teaching not only points hearers to the Creator of the universe but also to his redemptive plan through Jesus Christ.

This is only one of the ways that God is using AiG’s new Latin American headquarters to challenge the church on a worldwide scale to trust in God’s Word from the very first verse and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all tribes, tongues, and nations.


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