AiG’s VBS Provides Half a Million Meals for Starving Children


With the help of the eager 2014 Vacation Bible School (VBS) students, more than 500,000 meals and more than 900,000 gospel tracts have been provided to children around the world. It is truly our hope at Answers in Genesis to provide real and tangible help and gospel hope to every human in need. Each year, the AiG VBS curriculum includes an important missions moment, and for our 2014 International Spy Academy VBS mission project, we partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) to raise money to feed hungry children around the world. The VBS children were encouraged to put their faith into action by raising funds so that those who have very, very little would be able to have a nutritious meal—a meal that costs only 25 cents! This means that one dollar will feed four children. We also encouraged churches to take up offerings for CHF. Many of the churches that used our VBS curriculum jumped on board, and we are excited about the results of this endeavor! To get an exact number of provided meals to date through the VBS Mission Project, you can visit the mission project website. What an amazing example of faith in action.

Over the course of the next year, more than half a million children will go to bed with their bellies full. But even more importantly than that, more than 900,000 tracts will be distributed alongside the meals and through the general outreach of churches in specified areas. This means that because of the efforts of children and churches across North America, almost one million people—many of them children—will get a chance to hear the precious gospel of Jesus through AiG tracts. Praise the Lord!

We never dreamed that God would so powerfully use something like the VBS mission project to help so many people around the world obtain food and hear the gospel. AiG is also very grateful for all the local churches that have contributed to this effort through the support of the AiG VBS mission project. What a blessing.

Please join us as we praise God for His wonderful provision and as we pray for those who will be receiving much needed help and will be hearing the gospel news for the very first time.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work that Children’s Hunger Fund is doing or if you would like to support them, I encourage you to visit their website. Another way you can get involved is to use next year’s Answers VBS, Camp Kilimanjaro, at your church. The missions moment with CHF is definitely going to be a part of VBS 2015, and we hope to provide even more children with food and the gospel message next year. You can pre-order Camp Kilimanjaro.




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