Plan Ahead for Día Latino 2016

by International Outreach

One of the many outreaches that the Creation Museum has is our yearly Día Latino where hundreds of Spanish-speaking guests travel from all over the US and parts of Canada to enjoy a family experience that the Creation Museum gives to guests throughout the year, but in their own language.

At last year’s Día Latino more than 35 Spanish-speaking scientists and other Spanish-speaking volunteers traveled from other states and were positioned throughout the Creation Museum to give summaries of each room of exhibits in Spanish as the guests made their way through the Seven C’s of History tour. Also, scientists and employees of Answers in Genesis were stationed in key locations to give translated workshops for families as they made their way through.

After lunch, almost 800 guests filled the museum’s Legacy Hall to enjoy a concert of biblical creation music from Answers in Genesis’ first Spanish CD, sung by Herald Iglecias, who flew in from Honduras just to sing at this event. After enjoying Spanish renditions of Buddy Davis’ “Behemoth is a Dinosaur” and “D is for Dinosaur,” Joe Owen shared a lecture about Dinosaurs and the Bible. There were other activities in Spanish like a Snakes Alive workshop and video presentations in Legacy Hall and the Special Effects Theater, all in the Spanish language. See the action for yourself below!

We are very grateful for the turnout, but it is now time to pray and roll up our sleeves for this year’s upcoming event! October 1, 2016, will be our Fourth Día Latino! And this year, there will be even more activities and surprises for our guests!

One of the exciting aspects of the Creation Museum’s ministry is the “reach” of the outreach as we are given the privilege to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, while unashamedly standing on the authority of God’s Word to the different people groups and languages around us!

Find out more about Día Latino 2016.


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