Looking Back and Looking Forward to the Lord’s Blessing on AiG’s International Ministry

by International Outreach
Also available in Español

A lot has happened here at our Hispanic International Outreach Ministry this past year, from successfully celebrating our fifth Día Latino to ending the year with opening our new Latin America offices in Mexico. Along the way we have seen God work in all these amazing and positive changes, allowing us to look back in awe at 2017 and sum it up in one word—blessed.

Among our blessings, the Lord allowed us to open up two new Facebook pages to promote the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter to our Hispanic community.

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Among our privileges and challenges we can count sharing God’s Truth in different Latin American countries. God has continued not only to open doors to spread his gospel in secular universities, and knock down many intellectual strongholds that have risen in the Hispanic culture, but also to open the eyes and ears to a people thirsty for the truth in their own native language: Spanish. We have been privileged to join God in his work for many years now. He continues to provide opportunities for us to go into many countries in Latin America and share the message of Answers in Genesis—that Jesus is the only door by which we can be saved and that the use of apologetics can knock down any roadblock that might hinder this message. We are deeply humbled and honored that we are able to partake in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20; Mark 16:15).

We have been privileged to join God in his work for many years now.

May this new year be one that is continuously marked by our service for his kingdom, and may the cry of our hearts always be Soli Deo Gloria. For he alone is worthy and for him alone do we labor in this world.

We give 2018, filled with endless possibilities, to our Lord so we may exalt his name around the globe and follow wherever he may lead. We thank you for your prayers, and we covet them for this new year.

—The Hispanic International Outreach Ministry


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