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As a speaker for Answers in Genesis, I am often blessed with testimonies of how God has mightily used AiG in people’s lives.

Recently, after I spoke in the Creation Museum, one lady shared that, as a Christian with a scientific background, she had been sure that God used evolution, and at first she was skeptical of the museum. Then she joyfully declared that “it only took one trip” to convince her the Bible is right about the beginning, and she asserted it has also energized her faith in the middle and the end of God’s Word!

Another gentleman shared about being introduced to creation apologetics 22 years ago at a conference with Ken Ham. So influenced by the truth of the trustworthiness of God’s Word, he declared, “It was a turning point in my Christian life!”

And then a gentleman from New York said he loved the museum and was overwhelmed. “There were times as I was going through the museum that I just wept. I wept because so many people, especially where I live, need to hear this!”

These are just a sampling of the thousands of testimonies we receive!

The Power of Authority

What makes the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and the message of AiG so powerful? How is it so inspiring to Christians (and infuriating to atheists)? In a word, authority. In two words, biblical authority.

God gets everything right; therefore his Word is always the ultimate authority and always trustworthy.

You see, the core message of AiG is that all of God’s Word is true! It’s right about the beginning, middle, and the end. It’s right about salvation! Why? Because God gets everything right; therefore his Word is always the ultimate authority and always trustworthy.

For the believer, this message of biblical authority is exceptionally empowering because it directly addresses the enemy’s modern-day attack that has subtly eroded the confidence of many Christians to stand on the Word of God. For generations now Christians have been bombarded with the refrain that the Bible cannot be trusted in this “scientific age.” As a result, many have either compromised the Bible’s clear teaching on origins, which has gospel consequences, or have been embarrassed into silence, which also has gospel consequences.

So many people are revolutionized by realizing that the Bible’s plain history is true; that real science confirms biblical historical events; and that, by standing on God’s Word, Christians have good answers to the skeptical questions of this age! Their faith in Scripture is revitalized, inspiring greater surrender to all of God’s Word and a newfound boldness in proclaiming the gospel to a lost and dying world!

This is why we are so passionate about the calling God has placed on this ministry! It’s why we built the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. It’s why we hold conferences all over the world and develop numerous resources like our books, DVDs, and Answers Bible Curriculum.

Our Most Powerful Worldview Tool?

As I’ve stated before, Answers Bible Curriculum (now in its second edition) is the most powerful way to put “legs” on the mission of AiG in the local church setting. There is literally nothing else like it! No other resource in the world combines the diverse elements of apologetics, chronology, exegesis, multiple learning strategies, synchronized age groups, family integration, and gospel focus like ABC!

In sum total, this one-of-a-kind curriculum uniquely equips Christians of all ages and backgrounds to be ready for the front lines of today’s battle over biblical authority.

And that’s really what the battle is over: authority. The message of AiG is dynamic and empowering because it brings recognition to the enemy’s attack, and it points believers back to the foundation—the answer to how we defend the faith today.

Only by standing on the authority of God’s Word can we be the light he has called us to be.

Will you stand?

For an Audience of One,


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