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Very often when people catch the AiG vision, get excited about biblical authority and apologetics, and want to do something tangible in their church, they turn to Answers Bible Curriculum—and for good reason!

But, of course, before they can implement it, everybody else must be on board. So how can they get the church and its leadership fired up about ABC and then equip them with the basics to use it? Many churches bring an AiG speaker to their church to discuss ABC, but sometimes that is not an option.

Over the past few years, we have constantly been asked for a resource or specialist that can quickly summarize the passion, purpose, and features of ABC. And with the release of ABC second edition, I am pleased to announce that we now have it!

I had the blessing of working with our incredible A/V department to create four videos that meet this specific need. The videos were uploaded this week! Because we want to efficiently inspire and equip with these videos, each video is conveniently under 10 minutes.

Quick Summary of the Video Tour

  1. Why Answers Bible Curriculum?—This video succinctly addresses the collapse of the Christian worldview in the West, the compromise within much of the church (which is one of the main reasons that two-thirds of young people walk away from the church), and how ABC can help in a powerful way.
  2. Key Concepts—After establishing the problem and the need for Christians to defend their faith by standing on God’s Word, this video summarizes the key concepts that drive ABC to meet that need.
  3. What’s Included—In this video we explore the components of ABC that flesh out the key concepts and bring the curriculum to life.
  4. ABC in Action—After covering the need, key concepts, and elements of ABC, this video puts it all together for a practical look at a typical lesson. Along with seeing how to use the materials, we also see how ABC equips teachers and makes their life easier.

You can check out the videos right now!

We are excited about these videos because we believe they will encourage and equip more believers and churches to use ABC, AiG’s “nuclear weapon” against the enemy’s attacks of our day!

Let’s prepare ourselves and the coming generations to be equipped and ready to courageously contend for the faith! (Jude 1:3)

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