God’s Spaceships

Creation Every Day

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The translucent blob clings desperately to the yolk as I separate the egg white for breakfast.

Thank you, Lord, for daily reminders of your provision. You cared so much for the life of helpless chicks that you designed little space capsules for them. Oxygen passes safely through the shell to the life inside, while the egg white keeps enemies (like bacteria) at bay.

Thank you for providing life to sustain my life (1 Timothy 6:13). This day let me take every opportunity to share the life found in your Son, Jesus Christ, who is life, who made life, and who gave His life to sustain ours. Amen.

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July–September 2016

How did Noah build the ark? This issue explains how Noah had technology to build a massive Ark and how eight people could care for so many animals.

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