A Hobby That Took Root


What happens if I stick my finger in there?”

“Does it really eat flies?”

These are just a couple of the questions that barrage Ron Dudek whenever he talks about one of his favorite subjects—carnivorous plants. With their bizarre shapes and sophisticated traps, these animal-digesting plants provide endless opportunities to share about the amazing designs in God’s creation.

Ron Dudek

Ron Dudek’s hobby of growing carnivorous plants gives him many opportunities to share God’s creative design with people of all ages.

Dudek’s fascination with these plants began at age 10, but his hobby really took root when his young son volunteered him to share some unusual tidbits with the boy’s classmates. Since then, people have flocked to hear Dudek’s presentations at public schools, garden clubs, nature centers, churches, and even at Rotary Clubs. In most settings, he is free to glorify God as the One who designed these wonders. He has yet to encounter someone who has argued the point.

These plants have also proven to be good catalysts for conversations on origins. Were they originally carnivorous, or did their traps have some other function before Adam sinned? Or were these complex designs hidden within the plants but not revealed until after Adam sinned?

No matter what the answer, Ron points out, “We can all appreciate the genius and creativity that God demonstrated in the design and function of these peculiar plants.”

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