The Dead Sea, Not So Dead After All


on April 1, 2012
Featured in Answers Magazine

Even the most extreme parts of our planet contain life, including the bottom of the so-called Dead Sea.1 Divers who braved the depths of this very salty lake, which forms part of the border between Jordan and Israel, found mats of bacteria that cover craters on the otherwise barren seabed. In fact, these complex communities of bacteria thrive in the harsh conditions 100 feet (30 m) down, where saltwater meets fresh water spewing out of the craters. This makes these bacteria quite unusual, as no other modern species are known to survive rapid changes in salinity.

In the beginning, God gave microorganisms like bacteria the ability to adapt to changing conditions. This allows them to survive in the often-volatile post-Fall, post-Flood world. (We should be thankful, since bacteria supply many basic needs of living things—and only a small number of any harmful effects.)

Diver in the Dead Sea

Dr. Christian Lott/The Hydra Institute

A diver in the Dead Sea holds a rock sporting a thick microbial mat.

While the researchers chalked this find up to evolution, bacteria’s adaptability should, instead, remind us of our Creator’s foresight and wisdom. He designed them to live just about anywhere on earth—including what was once believed to be a dead sea.

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