The Universe is Nothingness!

The April 2002 Discover magazine cover shows a red marble a little larger than a centimeter across with the text, ‘The Universe at about 10^–34 seconds (actual size).’

The April 2002 Discover magazine cover shows a red marble a little larger than a centimeter across with the text, “The Universe at about 10-34 seconds (actual size).” Underneath this is the following teaser:

“The universe burst into something from absolutely nothing-zero, nada. And as it got bigger, it became filled with even more stuff that came from absolutely nowhere. How is that possible? Ask Alan Guth. His theory of inflation helps explain everything.”

But looming above all this is the main caption, “Where did everything come from?”

Reading the article, appropriately titled “Guth’s Grand Guess’, you might hope for an answer to this question that is a bit more conclusive than, “nowhere, and out of nothing,” but your hope would be hopelessly optimistic. In fact, in one place, you read the following assertion, “All matter plus all gravity in the observable universe equals zero. So the universe could come from nothing because it is, fundamentally, nothing.”

This is an obvious case of the logical fallacy of equivocation. Of course, if we define the universe as nothing, then it is completely consistent to say that its origin is from nothing. Using this technique, I can prove that black is white, and that night is day. But do you see what is avoided here? Causality.

The irony is, of course, that the universe did come out of nothing. But it didn’t come out of nothing, by nothing. As always, Big Bang cosmologists want the effect without the Cause; so much so that they’re now redefining words like nothing, universe, and nowhere in order to have their cake and choke on it, too. Or else, according to a caption, Alan Guth suggests that advanced aliens could have harnessed the physics of inflation, so our universe could be their creation. Suppressing the Truth in unrighteousness has gotten quite complicated, hasn’t it?

[See also Is There Really a God? and What About the Big Bang?. Note also, Discover has a stated policy to run some false articles in their April issue, allegedly justified by the society-sanctioned practice of lying on the first half of the first day of this month. So if current serious atheistic cosmological theories are taken as April Fools jokes, which they sound like, then Discover staff might wish to revisit the story, “The Boy who Cried Wolf” - Editors]


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