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We’ve all heard that our sun is just another boring yellow star, but biblical creationists know better. God made it special to support life on earth, and astronomers have compiled a growing list of its specialties. The list just grew again.

A recent study of 79 solar twins (stars comparable to our sun, with similar temperatures, gravities, and iron content) revealed that most of these solar twins were nearly identical to each other but still different from our own.

Astronomer Megan Bedell of New York City’s Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics was studying the elemental composition of these stars. Depending on the wavelengths that stars emit, astronomers can determine what the stars are made of. Our sun is missing vast amounts of metal and other material found in these other stars. (The amount of “missing material” in our sun is roughly equivalent to four times the mass of earth.)

These materials are present in nearly all the other stars studied, with only a handful like our sun. It’s a dilemma. Explaining the evolution of any star has its challenges, but the origin of special stars is even harder. The leading evolutionary hypothesis is that most of our sun’s twins started with fewer terrestrial planets or they ate the planets they did have. Evolutionists still insist there is nothing special about our sun, that it is merely a single star in a vast universe. But the more we learn, the more God reminds us about what he says in his Word, that he created our sun uniquely to support life on this planet.

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