Study: We Probably Won’t Hear from Aliens (Because They’re Dead)

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Scientists have been searching for signals and messages from intelligent extraterrestrial beings for many years now and so far have turned up nothing. In a recent study, scientists “updated” the Drake Equation, a mathematical equation that estimates the number of detectable civilizations throughout the Milky Way. They concluded that, if we do receive signals from an alien civilization, the aliens who sent it are probably already dead.

Are they dead, or is it simply that they never existed?

Are they dead, or is it simply that they never existed? Sort of reminds me of those people who talk about “missing links”: are the links missing because they haven’t found them, or did they never exist? Well, whether aliens or missing links, I don’t believe either has ever existed.

The researchers reasoned that if a civilization lasted less than 100,000 years—the time they assume it takes light to cross the galaxy—the odds are almost nonexistent that we will receive that broadcast while the civilization still exists. Essentially, they think these signals would be “ghost signals” from a dead alien civilization.

It seems every month there’s a new report on why we haven’t found aliens yet or when we’ll eventually find aliens. One article even declared aliens are dead because of climate change! And the article on this new Drake Equation research ends with the news that one researcher “is now working on a paper about what it means that we’ve found [no signals] so far.”

What it means is that there aren’t any intelligent alien civilizations out there! And that’s exactly what we’d expect starting with God’s Word. The Bible tells us earth was formed to be inhabited, and it’s to earth that Jesus came to save us, not to another planet to save another race of beings.

You see, Adam’s sin broke all of creation (Romans 8:22), so if there are other intelligent beings out there, they suffer the effects of Adam’s sin, but, because they aren’t descended from Adam, they can’t be saved. Jesus came to die for Adam’s race—not Klingons or Vulcans!

The belief in aliens (which really comes from an evolutionary worldview) is a huge theological problem. On top of that, all this searching for them is nothing but a waste of time and money, though discoveries about the universe along the way point to the glory of the Creator God if one just looks (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20)!

Oh, that everyone would be obsessed with studying God's Word and learning the true history of the universe and the truth that God created us, that we have a sin problem, and that God provided the solution in Jesus Christ—instead of being obsessed with finding nonexistent aliens.

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