Aliens Killed By Climate Change!

New Study: Aliens Are Out There—But They’re Dead!

by Ken Ham on February 2, 2016

I had to smile when I saw these headlines, “The Aliens Are Silent Because They’re Dead” and “Why Can’t We Find Aliens? Climate Change Killed Them.” The absence of any life in outer space has long been a problem for evolutionists. So some researchers from The Australian National University proposed a solution to this major dilemma—there are aliens, but we can’t find them because they’re dead!

Alien Life

This is clearly what’s called a “rescuing device.” According to evolutionary ideas, Earth isn’t special. Its just one planet out of millions, and it just happened to have the right conditions for life to form spontaneously. Since there’s nothing special about Earth, there should be hundreds or thousands of other planets that also allow just the right conditions for life. The problem? Well, scientists have found hundreds of other planets orbiting other stars, yet not one is suited for life. And despite years of research and millions of research dollars, not a single shred of solid evidence for life in outer space has been discovered. So, for the evolutionist, the question remains—why are we alone?

Well, if you can’t find any evidence of life, just make up a story for why! Here’s how the story goes according to the news sites: life evolved many different times on many different planets, but the climates of these planets weren’t stable enough, so the climate change killed the life off. Life on supposed young planets “rarely evolves quickly enough to survive.” So the overwhelming evidence that we’re alone in the universe is explained: life evolved elsewhere but climate change killed it! That’s as much a fairy tale as is the story of molecules-to-man evolution!

This explanation of aliens supposedly being killed by climate change is certainly a convenient story. But it’s nothing more than a story. There’s no observational evidence for this explanation at all. It’s just another rescuing device to save the evolutionary tale from the embarrassing lack of extraterrestrial life. Of course, such evolutionary scientists who propose this nonsense do not get mocked by secularists—but as soon as a scientist states that an infinite Creator God designed life, the secularists mock what is so obviously the correct explanation.

Instead of appealing to climate change and the death of alien life, secularists need to read the biblical account that gives the answer to the origin of all life. Earth isn’t random but was specially designed by God to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18). We shouldn’t expect the universe to be teeming with life because life didn’t evolve here or anywhere else. God created life and the universe (Genesis 1) only a few thousand years ago. The obvious lack of life in the universe isn’t a problem for the biblical creationist—it’s to be expected.

Sadly, these evolutionary scientists are so blind to the truth of God’s Word that they can’t see the obvious answer: life isn’t found in outer space because it’s not there! They start with a belief in naturalistic evolution, and when the evidence doesn’t fit or isn’t even there, they must come up with an alternate explanation for why the evidence doesn’t match the prediction. The problem isn’t the evidence but the evolution belief!

When we start with God’s Word, we have the correct framework for looking at the universe. Using this framework, what we see in the world makes sense and always confirms God’s Word from the very beginning.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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