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    The Hypostatic Union
    Sept. 14, 2012

    Did Jesus want to die for us, or did He try to find a way out of it? How did He submit to the Father’s will? Troy Lacey, AiG–U.S., responds.

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    Ants Don’t Care About Christianity
    Sept. 7, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–US, responds to a reader who charges Answers in Genesis with teaching factually incorrect data.

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    Is Male Headship a “Curse”?
    Aug. 31, 2012

    Do women try to take over man’s authority? Is male headship a “curse”? Steve Golden, AiG–U.S., replies to a reader’s questions about his earlier article.

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    Darwin’s Deathbed Confession—a Myth?
    Aug. 24, 2012

    Mark Looy, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader wanting more substantial information about the legitimacy of the story that Darwin renounced his evolutionary beliefs on his deathbed.

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    Dinosaur Extinction
    Aug. 17, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader who wondered why God would have “Moses” save the dinosaurs on the ark.

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    Debating with an Evolutionist on Fossil Dating
    Aug. 10, 2012

    Dr. Andrew Snelling, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader and gives more information regarding the fossilized wood on top of fossil belemnite.

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    Get the Message Across
    Aug. 3, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader, who believes that the Bible should not be interpreted literally and that we should just focus on the message of salvation.

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    Are Races Proof of Evolution?
    July 13, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader who believes that human “races” are proof of evolution.

  • Are Gender Roles a Social Construct?
    July 6, 2012

    The biblical understanding of gender roles stems from the Genesis account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; however, cultural justification is sometimes used to support unbiblical behavior.

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    Starchild—Alien-human Hybrid?
    June 29, 2012

    In response to a question on Ken Ham’s Facebook page, we decided to review the history and claims regarding Starchild, the misshapen skull claimed by some to be an alien-human hybrid.

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    The God of an Old Earth
    June 22, 2012

    Christians who believe in an old earth must hold to an inconsistent hermeneutic of interpretation. Troy Lacey and Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explain.

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    Animal Migrations
    June 8, 2012

    Bodie Hodge, AiG–U.S., answers a reader’s questions about how animals migrated to different continents after the Flood.

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    Evolutionary Call to Arms
    June 1, 2012

    An evolutionary paleontologist wrote an article for Nature condemning the way creationists present the work of evolutionists, and he called for a more aggressive defense of evolution.

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    Prejudiced about “Race” and the Creation Museum
    May 25, 2012

    We recently received an email from someone who took a swipe at the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis. This started what turned out to be a particularly revealing exchange of emails.

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    Does the Bible Prohibit Space Travel?
    May 11, 2012

    Does Psalm 115:16 prohibit aerial or space travel, or does the dominion mandate of Genesis 1:28 extend into outer space?

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    Dinosaurs Living with People—The Biblical Worldview
    May 4, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to yet another hostile reader, who takes particular offense to the idea that dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

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    The Creator of Plants (and everything else) vs. Zombies
    April 27, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–US, responds to a reader who refers to the resurrected Christ as a “cosmic Jewish zombie.”

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    Mr. Hostile
    April 20, 2012

    Bodie Hodge, AiG–U.S., responds to a particularly vitriolic email directed against our ministry and Christians in general.

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    Simple Complex Genesis
    April 13, 2012

    The Genesis 1 account is both simple and yet profound subce God didn’t write the Bible or specifically the creation account just for the highly educated.

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    Jephthah’s Vow
    March 30, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., answers questions and addresses challenges made to the position advocated in his earlier “Contradictions” article.

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    Bully for Us?
    March 23, 2012

    Does AiG engage in bullying when we call out biblical compromise? Are we using ad hominem attacks? Mark Looy, AiG–U.S., explains.

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    Popular Conservative Journalist Attacks Genesis and the Birth of Christ
    March 16, 2012

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to claims made by journalist Andrew Bolt regarding supposed contradictions in the Bible.

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    Timeline for the Flood
    March 9, 2012

    So when exactly was the Flood? There are two possible ways of calculating the date. David Wright, AiG–U.S., explains.

  • Feedback Article
    Will the Real Shishak Please Stand Up?
    March 2, 2012

    Who did Thutmose III fight at Megiddo, and what does that battle have to do with plundering Jerusalem? Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, AiG–U.S., explains.


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