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Content Use Policy


Use by Permission Only Policy

Any printed published materials (magazines, newsletters, etc.) or web published materials not clearly indicated for free use require permission for use and must follow these guidelines:

Print Use Guidelines

Readers who broadly share our ministry aims may freely photocopy the text of the articles directly from the magazine or print the text from the website for genuine, non-commercial Christian educational purposes—except where we have shown them as copyrighted elsewhere or as having been reprinted by permission from another source.

Many of the photographs we use, some from commercial sources, only have a limited or one-time right of use, so the right to copy them is not ours to pass on. Where articles are to be reprinted in another publication, permission needs to be sought from us—and is often granted.

For permission to print for distribution (except those clearly indicated for free use), please contact us.

Web Use Guidelines

Since we are constantly updating the articles on the website, we request that any reference to website published articles include no more than the first paragraph, and must include the ministry’s name and a link to our website, preferably to the actual article. Copying entire articles (other than the first paragraph) or materials to other websites is strictly prohibited; however, we encourage links to the article from your website.

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