Now That's Scholarly Criticism


It didn’t take long to see attacks mounted against the new, online journal of creation research, Launched this year, ARJ was vociferously condemned by an editor for the prestigious science journal Nature.

With little scientific comment, he railed against Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham, calling him “immoral, deluded and dangerous.” He also described Ham and ARJ’s editor Andrew Snelling as “evil twits” and “ignorant morons.” Interestingly, this self-described “liberal atheist,” writing for the Guardian newspaper,* sniffed that science should be “agenda-free” and that atheists and believers should exhibit “tolerance” toward each other.

*January 18, 2008

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July – September 2008

In this issue discover the wonders of God’s creation and see how our Creator is clearly seen all around us. Articles cover bizarre creatures in the fossil record, the intricate “matrix” of bacteria, the eye, and many other marvels.

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