How to Talk to an Atheist

on September 3, 2009
Featured in Answers Magazine

You can be ready to evangelize an atheist.

“Me, evangelize an atheist? Are you kidding?”

While many Christians share that sentiment, others seek out this group. With a little preparation, you can be ready when the next opportunity arises. Best-selling author and evangelist Ray Comfort offers some pointers:

  1. The goal shouldn’t be to convert an atheist into belief in God. That’s up to the Holy Spirit. Atheists already know God exists (Romans 1:20). So the goal should be to effectively explain that he or she, like you, is a sinner and desperately needs the Savior.
  2. Show tangible love. When Ray was once introduced on a radio program as “the man internationally hated by atheists,” he tried to diffuse the situation by offering free copies of his books to atheists on his blog. Over 120 atheists responded politely and favorably.
  3. Form friendships first. An established relationship can go a long way in getting atheists to consider biblical truths.
  4. Study good resources, such as the book The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate by Jason Lisle and the DVD Simple Tools for Brain Surgery by Bill Jack. These offer practical tips on how to talk with atheists. Websites such as offer video clips of atheists being witnessed to.

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