Willingly Ignorant


When a major university holds commencement exercises, the audience expects to hear a special charge to graduates as they “enter the world.” But the president of famed Johns Hopkins University, William Brody, spoke on a different topic.

In his May speech, Brody’s subject of choice was scientific ignorance, which he associated with creationism. He said, “Willful ignorance is not a simple matter of people just having the wrong facts.”

He tied this ignorance with creationism, “Consider for a moment . . . the $25 million Creation Museum. . . . We must all beware the very real and understandable human tendency to ignore or subvert facts, and findings of science, that discomfort us for reasons of ideology, politics, religion, or personal taste.”

Willful ignorance is not placing your faith in the Bible before accepted scientific beliefs; it is accepting scientific beliefs while eliminating the God who designed each facet of those scientific truths.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2007


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