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on April 1, 2014
Featured in Answers Magazine

Software developer Brett Golson knows that passively reading God’s Word isn’t enough.

Software developer Brett Golson knows that passively reading God’s Word isn’t enough. When the Holy Spirit makes a passage stand out, he is also burdened with the thought, “I really need to do something with that truth.” For Brett, “doing something” always starts with memorizing the passage.

Years ago, Brett found that typing verses, not just reading them over and over again, made it much easier for him to memorize them. It engaged both visual and muscle memory. In 2010 while he was on what he calls a “memorizing kick,” he created a small website to keep track of all the memory verses he was working on.

That site was so helpful that Brett wanted to make it available to others. So the next year he launched the Scripture Typer app free on the Internet, and within three years users had memorized more than one million verses. One gave this review: “Can’t believe how helpful this app is. It’s fun to see how fast I can type the Scriptures I have memorized.”

While many other helpful programs are available, Scripture Typer is designed so users can download verses quickly, organize them, and even create groups so partners can memorize passages together. That’s why the National Bible Bee decided to partner with Brett.

Many other helpful features engage visual, audio, and muscle memory. Once users have mastered a passage, they’ll get regular reminders to help them keep the truth of God’s Word fresh in their minds.

Scripture Typer has always been free for home computers, and now users can purchase a mobile app as well.

Brett started by faithfully hiding God’s Word in his own heart, and he is thrilled that God has expanded his obedience into a fun and effective tool to help others.

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