Where was God?
Note: The little girl pictured here is a portrayal of the thousands of children who lost a parent or became orphans on September 11, 2001.

Where was God?

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As a society, we reap the consequences of the unquestioned acceptance of the belief in evolution every day. It teaches us that God isn’t real and that He isn’t paying attention. It has no answers for why bad things happen in our world.

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In the book of Genesis we read that God created a perfect world—that is, a world that did not know death, suffering or any kind of evil (Genesis 1:31). In this perfect world lived two people who took it upon themselves to try to become like God. In doing so, their sin led to the Fall from grace (Genesis 3:14–19) this world and everyone on it has experienced ever since.

Our world is not perfect—in fact, it’s very broken. If God withdrew His sustaining power completely from the world, it would cease to exist (Hebrews 1:3). God is paying attention and is actively involved in His creation, but He doesn’t always protect mankind from its own actions. Even the earth itself was cursed after the first sin.

Are you wondering if God is paying attention? God is paying attention—so much so that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for mankind’s sin and offer forgiveness to all. God has promised everything will be made right again. He will wipe away every tear and death, pain and suffering will be no more (Revelation 22:3).


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News of the death of world-famous Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin made front page listing on websites. Here is a portion of the headline and photo that ran at www.MSNBC.com:

Irwin banner

Details of Irwin’s death may cause those who do not understand why death and suffering are in the world, to question whether God cares and why a loving God would allow such a young and “good” man to die. In this article, AiG-USA president Ken Ham reminds readers of the impact of the Fall.


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