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On the morning of September 11th, I was on my computer writing an article entitled ‘The Two Histories of Death.’

On the morning of September 11th, I was on my computer writing an article entitled “The Two Histories of Death.” My son Jeremy called out to me to rush over and watch a news bulletin on television.

In a live newscast from New York City, cameras were trained on the World Trade Center towers, showing a gaping hole in one of them—with smoke pouring out. Suddenly, I was horrified to see—on live TV—a plane ram into the other tower.

My mind quickly raced back to my computer, where the word death had been highlighted in the Bible 342 times! As I thought about that, the TV reporters were predicting that thousands of people may have been killed. I realized that these evil acts of terrorism would cause many to ask how a God of love could allow this.

I believed it was important for AiG to give an answer from God’s Word as quickly as possible for our Web site to declare that if Genesis is believed as literal history, then there is an answer to the question of how a loving God can allow death and suffering.

You see, a perfect creation was marred by sin, and death became a consequence of man’s sin. That’s why we have death and suffering today—it’s our fault, not God’s. And with the terrorists, they committed their own individual sins.

In the wake of the tragedies, we have produced a new witnessing booklet entitled Why is there death and suffering? AiG is offering a special discount if ordered in bulk. We want to equip you to show non-Christians (and Christians) that there is an answer to this question of death and suffering.


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