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Merry Christmas from Answers in Genesis!

Merry Christmas from Answers in Genesis!

Free Encounter the Wonder Video!

Thank you for your faithful support! We hope you'll enjoy this free download of the Encounter the Wonder animated laser projection show which powerfully presents the gospel! It begins with the Creation account, continues to the Flood, then to the nativity, and finally to Christ’s death and Resurrection. We pray many hearts and lives will be impacted by this stunning program.

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Now you can experience this amazing wonder with your family and friends. You can download and share this spectacular laser projection show wherever you are, but we hope you can visit ChristmasTime at the Ark by January 15, 2018 and view this stunning state-of-the-art video projection on the side of our huge, life-size Ark.

The Hands that Created the World Free Download

The Hands that Created the World

Another special gift to you, this download features Christmas favorites and some original music by Buddy Davis.

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Expires 12/28/17.

Free Christmas Lessons

Christmas Lessons

Our Answers Bible Curriculum team has created these Christmas lessons as a free gift to you and your church. They will help students focus on the real meaning of Christmas—Jesus.

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Free Bible Read Through PDF Download

Bible Read Through Bookmark

This unique bookmark is a Bible reading plan that allows you to turn any Bible into a chronological Bible, giving you a plan to read the Bible through in one year in the order the events actually happened.

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