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This easy to use ordering tool will help you find just what you need to teach the Bible to classes of any age or size.

The more you order, the more you save!

Each 10 lesson kit is only $29.99
Order 5 kits and save 10% ($26.99 each)
Order 15 kits and save 15% ($25.49 each)
Order 30 or more kits and save 23% ($23.09 each)
(Discounts applied at checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers.)

Step 1–Select a Bible Version

Step 2–Select Age Groups

Choose all of the age groups you plan to teach. Order for multiple classes and save!

Step 3–Select Units

Choose all of the units you plan to teach.
1 unit = 10 lessons (10 weeks)
5 units = 50 lessons (1 year)
Order for the whole year and save!

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