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  • April Specials
  • Untethered

    Statistics claim that 60 to 80 percent of evangelical kids will “backslide.” Untethered: Reaching the Millennial Generation 2-DVD set will help you know what you can do to ensure your child does not become another statistic.

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  • Wonder of DNA
    Wonder of DNA

    Dr. Georgia Purdom reveals how DNA bears the stamp of being designed and created by God.

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  • Easter Evangelism Pack
    Easter Evangelism Pack

    A great pack to explore and examine Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection! Share these booklets and videos with others to spread the Gospel because without the Resurrection, there is no hope.

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April Specials

April is a time of growth! Get equipped with these great new releases and special sale prices.

Easter Evangelism Pack $36 VALUE

New He is Risen DVD + In Defense of Easter Book

Easter Evangelism Pack

Discover aspects of the Easter account that you've never known. Includes a FREE 10-pack of The Purpose & Meaning of Life booklet. An excellent evangelism tool!

$22.98 SALE

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Many resources are perfect for personal or group study. Excellent gifts too! Special prices expire May 31. 2017.


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