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The Truth Chronicles 1-10

Written by Dr. Tim Chaffey
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  • Ages: 9 through 15
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Four teens find themselves caught up in the issues of everyday life and thrust into events they never expected. Their travels back in time lead them to questions about their own existence and the existence of God.

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International intrigue, time machines, and the Bible’s true history

JT uses her firm faith in God and His Word to challenge the thinking of her friends. Their adventures show that the history found in the Bible can be trusted.

Books 1–3 follow the teens during their sophomore year on a time travel adventure based on inventions for their school’s science fair. Books 4–6 take us on another adventure during their junior year, and book 7 also involves their science fair projects. Books 7–9 also follow a similar pattern during the teens’ senior year. Book 10 contains bonus materials for The Truth Chronicles Series.

These books maintain a healthy dose of defending the truth of Scripture. The bulk of apologetic issues covered in the first six books have to do with the creation/evolution and age of the earth debate. While there is still some of this in the last three books, the primary apologetic issues relate to answering skeptical claims about Jesus Christ.

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