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Easter Evangelism Pack

Featuring Tim Chaffey
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A great pack to explore and examine Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection! Share these booklets and videos with others to spread the Gospel because without the Resurrection, there is no hope.

What’s Included $36 value

  • DVD He is Risen: DVD

    Tim Chaffey, apologist and author of In Defense of Easter, examines why the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has been called the best-attested event of the ancient world.

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  • In Defense of Easter

    Without the Resurrection, there is no hope. Discover the history behind the Resurrection and why everything hinges on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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  • 10-pack The Purpose & Meaning of Life: 10-pack

    What does the book of Genesis say about life’s meaning? Why are we here? What is my purpose? Who are the two Adams? Ken Ham answers these questions and more in this 24-page booklet.

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