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Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Curriculum Pack

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  • Format: Curriculum Kit
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  • Grade: 9 - 12
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Now you can use the popular Answers Books 1 & 2 as apologetics homeschool curriculum. The Answers Books contain answers from scientists in geology, astrophysics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and more.

What’s Included $54 value

  • Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible Teacher Guide

    This Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible PLP contains materials for use with The New Answers Book 1 and The New Answers Book 2

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  • The New Answers Book 2

    One thing is certain—skeptics don’t always ask the same questions, and in today’s skeptical culture, common questions are on the rise. Picking up where volume 1 left off, this second volume contains answers to more than 30 questions on creation/evolution and the Bible that can be read in any order.

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  • The New Answers Book 1

    Packed with biblical answers to over 25 of the most important questions on creation/evolution and the Bible, The New Answers Book is a must-read for everyone who desires to better understand the world in which they live.

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A high-quality homeschool curriculum! Includes 2 books and an easy-to-follow teacher guide with worksheets, quizzes, tests, and other additional teaching helps. Books are The New Answers Book 1 and The New Answers Book 2. This pack is complete with all you need to quickly and easily begin your education program today!

Teacher Guide Quick Overview

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes and Test
  • Answer Key

Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible

  • 1 Year Apologetics
  • 9th-12th Grade

Features: Each suggested weekly schedule has two easy-to-manage lessons that combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities. Worksheets, quizzes, and tests are perforated and three-hole punched — materials are easy to tear out, hand out, grade, and store. Adjust the schedule and materials needed to best work within your educational program. Space is given for assignments dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. Adapt the days to your school schedule.

Workflow: Students will read the pages in their book and then complete each section of the PLP. They should be encouraged to complete as many of the activities and projects as possible as well. Tests are given at regular intervals with space to record each grade. If used with younger students, they may be given the option of only choosing activities or projects of interest to them and taking open book tests.

Calculating Credits: This course should take between 60 to 90 hours to complete, depending on any additional hours spent on added research, essay writing assignments, or suggested lab activities, if assigned. Elective courses that take 60 hours are commonly assigned ½ credit, while those 120 hours or more are assigned a full credit; core courses require over 150 hours for a credit. Based on whether this is being used as a core or elective course, make your final credits calculation based on the total hours of coursework completed in the year.

Prepare students to stand strong against the secular onslaught!

  • Over 50 faith-affirming topics, including fossils, the age of the earth, the beginning of life, and more
  • Students are given insights to the arguments brought against the faith, and the solutions from the Bible and observational science
  • Curriculum based on the best-selling Answers Series from Answers in Genesis!

We will one day all face destructive influences found in the workplace or school environments. Here is a curriculum developed to provide the answers to so many objections of the faith. Students will learn to apply the Biblical worldview to subjects such as evolution, carbon dating, Noah’s ark and the Flood, and over 50 more. Here are the answers to help you know the depths of God’s wisdom found in His Word and in His world, and why this matters to your life, your family, and your faith.

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