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Buddy Davis: Creation Musical Adventures Songbook

A songbook full of adventure

Written by Buddy Davis
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  • Format: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 11"
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2005
  • SKU: 20-9-035
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Now, even young pianists can play the “Buddy songs” that kids love to sing! An inspiring musical adventure with singer, songwriter, sculptor and author Buddy Davis.


Travel to the beginning of time … tothe Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived and dinosaursroared. Play, imagine and learn as you becomea main character in many wonderful stories in song. Ifyou’re a kid or a kid at heart, come take an inspiring musical adventure with AiG’s singer, songwriter, sculptor and author Buddy Davis!

Twenty-two Songs

  1. The Woodpecker Song
  2. That Didn’t Happen by Chance
  3. Noah’s Allergic to Cats
  4. The Seven C’s of History
  5. D Is for Dinosaur
  6. Hip Hip Hooray
  7. All Things After Their Kind
  8. A Is for Adam
  9. Rainbows Remind Me
  10. Jesus Became Mine Today
  11. A Whale of a Story
  12. It’s Designed to Do
  13. When Dragons’ Hearts Were Good
  14. Billions of Dead Things
  15. Riding Our Ponies
  16. Come to Me Little Children
  17. Freckles
  18. Problem Solved
  19. From a Frog to a Prince
  20. Behemoth Is a Dinosaur
  21. The Hands That Created the World
  22. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

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