It Only Felt Like Millions of Years!


Normally, AiG would not take a film like the just-released comedy 'Evolution' seriously at all.

Normally, AiG would not take a film like the just-released comedy “Evolution” seriously at all. Afterall, because of its screwball plot (a dandruff deodorant is the film’s “hero”), this movie should not be taken as an overt propaganda piece for “molecules-to-man” evolution and its millions of years.

Nevertheless, because we will undoubtedly be asked to comment on a film that may become very popular (the movie was released yesterday, June 8, and already we have been asked by one individual to offer an opinion)—and because it does reveal that the bankrupt theory of Darwinian evolution has increasingly become an accepted part of popular Western culture—AiG felt that at least some brief comment (and warning) should be offered. Most important, we want to inform people that its bathroom humor, foul language, and boring/silly plot are not worth their time and $8.25 US. (By the way, another AiG staff member who attended the same showing called it “the worst movie I have ever seen.’)

Plot: a meteorite crashes to Earth in Northern Arizona USA. It contains extraterrestrial single-cell organisms that exponentially evolve into multi-cellular organisms (“200 million years of evolution in a few hours” says one character). Increasing heat is the mechanism that causes these organisms to evolve rapidly into large creatures, including an amphibian-like monster, a flying reptile, and a Bigfoot-type primate (notice the mimicking of amphibian-to-reptile-to-mammal evolution). The very few laughs and silliness (it is similar to the “Ghostbuster” films) make for a very boring movie, even with the expensive special effects.

Indeed, for a two-hour period last night, this fidgety reviewer thought that “Evolution” indeed took millions of years. And it should have been rated “R” —for raunch and restlessness.


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