40 Anti-Racism Billboards Go up in Cincinnati!


Billboards created by Answers in Genesis-US are going up today, May 21, throughout racially torn Cincinnati, Ohio USA to proclaim the real answer to the city’s racial problems.

-US, located just south of Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky, is putting up the billboards in an attempt to bring healing to a city that witnessed rioting last month after the shooting death of an African-American young man by a police officer.

In cooperation with Morning Star Communications of Covington, Kentucky, AiG will place 20 billboards now –many located in minority neighborhoods–and 20 more later that declare: “Racism? Get Answers.” Underneath is the Web address of a newly-created AiG site www.OneHumanRace.com.

At that site, Web visitors can read commentaries that:

  • answer the frequently asked question “Where did the so-called "races" come from?”
  • show scientifically that all people actually have the same skin color.
  • reveal that Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible, provide the only lasting answers to the problem of racism.

That’s not all. Video presentations, audio clips, and a cut from AiG’s new CD by Buddy Davis (‘One Blood’) are featured on the Web site. Free materials for Cincinnati-area residents are also offered.

Ken Ham, Executive Director of the Bible-proclaiming ministry of AiG-US, and co-author of the popular anti-racism book “One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism”, (50,000 copies in print), left, declared: “The Bible gives the answer to the question about the origin of all the different people groups, and also offers the answer to the sin of prejudice. The Book of Acts in chapter 17 declares that we’re all of 'one blood,' which is what Genesis teaches as well. The Bible also declares that by reconciling with Christ, we have access to His power to reconcile with others.”

Ham continued: “We hope that people will consider the irrefutable Biblical and scientific evidence that there is only one race–the human race.” Twenty billboards are going up today throughout Cincinnati, and then 20 more will be posted about 20 June. To view the new anti-racism Web site, go to www.OneHumanRace.com. The billboard outreach to Cincinnati is co-sponsored by Gospel Communications in Michigan and Master Books of Arkansas.


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