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Discover Abeka

Education can be tough to tackle, but you roll up your sleeves to provide one that’s fun, effective, and God-honoring.

Abeka is here to help! Even if it’s your first year homeschooling, you can do it with confidence.

Lead your kids to success year after year, preschool–12th grade, with a complete Christian curriculum.

  • Don’t know where to start? Step-by-step lesson plans will show you.
  • Need help from expert teachers? Video lessons are available.
  • Concerned about learning gaps? Engaging textbooks are carefully crafted to build from concept to concept and include purposeful review to keep learning fresh.

Parents, students, and Christian school teachers have seen great success with Abeka since 1972. Teaching and learning will always take work, but they’re much simpler when you have everything you need!

Explore all your options today at abeka.com.


  • Biblical creationist worldview
  • Extensive research & development of standards and subject matter
  • Parent or teacher directed instruction and review
  • Bible-based character training


  • Comprehensive Christian curriculum
  • Easy-to-use parent materials
  • Engaging student materials
  • Every grade, preschool–12th
  • Every subject
  • Individual items
  • Digital products
  • Book kits for subjects
  • Book kits for full grades
  • Video lessons recorded in a Christian school classroom
  • Video lesson/book kit combinations

What Sets Us Apart

  1. You’ll find help for each stage of your homeschooling through step-by-step curriculum lesson plans, video lessons, and academic support.
  2. Because of our unique phonics approach, children learn to read with confidence in kindergarten.
  3. We offer everything you need to homeschool successfully!

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Where to Find Out More

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