Censorship Keeps Schools Safe for Darwin


on April 1, 2012
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The British Humanist Association, largely made up of atheists, wants to kick all traces of creation out of academia in favor of its own view. The group recently urged parliament to restrict teaching in science classes of government-run schools to allow only evolution (their own religiously held view).1 The usual suspects, such as famed atheist and humanist Richard Dawkins, fear that creationists may occasionally speak to students about the reliability of Scripture.

If the BHA is heeded, the bigger concern is academic freedom. Teachers who simply question Darwin (much less allow creation in the classroom) could be squelched and punished under the law for not supporting the faith-based belief in humanism (Colossians 2:8). This proposal puts the much-vaunted goal of many UK educators to foster critical thinking in British students at an important crossroads. If the BHA has its way, students will lose the chance for honest discussion.

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  1. The Guardian, September 18, 2011, p. A15.


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