A Young-Earth Creationist Raft Trip


Last week we highlighted WORLD magazine’s cover story on a young-earth creationist raft trip. The issue also featured a review of young-earth creationist materials, including several from Answers in Genesis.

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The book Coming to Grips with Genesis, coauthored by Answers in Genesis researcher Dr. Terry Mortenson, earned first mention and was described as “mak[ing] a strong case for reading chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis as they usually were read before evangelicals began worrying about respectability among secularists.”

Also mentioned are Grand Canyon: A Different View (compiled by Answers in Genesis friend Tom Vail), The Young Earth (by Answers in Genesis friend Dr. John Morris of ICR), Taking Back Astronomy (by Answers in Genesis researcher Jason Lisle), and the three-part New Answers Book series (edited by Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham). Our pocket guide series and DVDs were also discussed.

The review mentions a handful of other resources, including (to be fair) those from a compromising perspective. One, Daniel Harrell’s Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, asks, “What kind of loving and intelligent designer would program his work to need constant repair?” Reviewer Marvin Olasky quips, “Supernatural action = ineptitude. Clever.” Of course, Harrell seems to have ignored the effects of the Fall of Genesis 3 in ruining God’s perfect creation.

The online Answers Bookstore obviously doesn’t offer resources from old-earth creationist or theistic evolutionist perspectives (with the exception of certain debate videos, such as The Great Debate and A Question of Age: Conference on Creation, the Bible and Science). However, when it comes to biblical resources, both on the topics of young-earth creation and the topics of biblical authority and Christian living, the Answers Bookstore is a great place to find the materials you need.

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